Raise Your Voice

My mom is a hard working lady and is known in the community by almost everyone . She gives  you a great big smile and great serves .

she is just a normal person like everyone else ,  after she get back for working she comes home and still works doing her  motherly things like cleaning the house cooking us food and everything else i help her so she doesn’t  get overwhelmed with everything or at least i try .  She get up the next morning and does it all again she we come have a house food on the table roof over our head .

she does other stuff just not the same thing every day some time . when she doesn’t have work so she stay home and clean the house even thought its already clean she awesome . pretty cool to she pays for everything for me but i have been paying stuff myself .

she help everyone every day me , my sister and my dad and Stella and the people she works with the customer and everyone else she just makes the world a better place to live in well to me of course. but its hard to explain what she does for everyone and everything she helps . She no super hero but to me she my super hero same with my whole family but parasitically her . Their is no really explanation for what she does .

But sum is that she works for my whole family to get payed to keep everything we have same with my other family .like lets say you drop your key she would pick they up and tell you give them to you she a kind hard working women and i i’m proud to call her my mom . even though she embarrassing  me she  make up for it in the long run .




2 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice

  1. Hi Lea, this is your mentor. What a fantastic tribute to your mom. Did you show it to her? As a mom, I would be so proud of you and so grateful that you notice all the hard work, both for the family and her customers!! It is so nice that you realize this and you help her out as best you can. I’m impressed with both of you! If you’d like to add a Raise Your Voice badge to your sidebar, here are the directions: Raise your Voice Badge

  2. This is your (mom) i love you soo much im am sooo proud of you!!!! You really do love me. im so happy what type of young lady you have became and you also know how to do the same things that i can do i love you sooo verry much how did you get so big!!!! i know day by day you grow smarter and smarter i love u lea

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